E.S.C. Engineering Sailing Cup 2017
E.S.C. Engineering Sailing Cup  2017

Welcome to Engineering Sailing Cup 2017, Trogir, 13.5. - 20.5.2017


Dear fellow skipper,


The boat selection process is finalized as per attached completed table.


Based on that selection Cosmos Yachting will prepare the individual contracts.

Babis would you please start that process of finalizing the contracts and please contact me, if you need any further information!


Also I would like to inform you all, that Jakob has already prepared and activated the new ESC Web page: http://www.engineering-sailing-cup.de/

Jakob again here a big THANK YOU for your support and hopefully soon you will be back as active member on Arno’s Boat !


I like to ask all of you: Please forward that link to your crew members!


My best regards and thank you for the smooth and fast process,



Name and year of the boat Selected By, and date/time
1. AMADI 2016 Arno Hemm, 13.08.2016
2. BEATRIX 2014

Dirk Demtröder, 16.8.2016  8:00h

3. BIRDIE 2014 Stefan Leuppi, 16.8.2016  7:44h
4. HILDR 2016 Hendrik Baur, 13.8.2016  13:00h
5. JOINME 2016 Mike Theobald, 12.8.2016, 20:00h
6. MOA 2015 Eugen Gotter, 15.8.2016, 16:45h
7. CHIMENDI 2016, battened main Duncan Mac Phee, 11.8.2016, 18:24h
8. CONTI 2016, battened main Werner Schmidt, 11.8.2016, 18:24h
9. CURRADI 2016 Dennis Nunn, 11.8.2016, 21:00h
10. MATOS 2016 Peter Müller, 13.8.2016, 12:10h


ESC Fleet,

This is the first Bulletin for 2017,  issued to start the boat selection.

The location Trogir, close to Split airport and the selected week from the 13th of May to the 20th of May 2017 is already known to you!

A bit different from the previous procedures we will select the boats (see attachment) in the sequence of our last year’s 2016 results, starting with place 10 and ending with place 1.

Every skipper has one day to select his boat starting with Werner Schmidt tomorrow Friday 12th of August, followed by Duncan 13th of Aug, Dennis 14th of Aug, Mike 15th of Aug., Arno 16th of Aug., Peter 17th of Aug., Hendrik 18th of Aug., Eugen 19th of Aug. and Stephan 20th of August. Finally I will take the remaining boat !

As soon as a selection is made the next skipper can select his boat and so we may be able to speed up the process. Werner you can start to pick your boat immediately, but in case not everybody is online I have allowed for some advance notice! Please everybody rely to all, in order to keep the next in line informed that he can select his boat, if we are able to speed up the process !

In case we are faster with the selection process the given dates above will be moved forward e.g. If Werner chooses his boat today and Dennis follows immediately also today, Duncan’s turn will be latest tomorrow the 12th and all others accordingly the following days!

Each skipper is entitled to pick his boat at the given dates above latest if not accelerated and if someone fails to make his choice at the given date he may be overtaken by the next skippers!

If anybody has a problem please reply to me asap! I reserve the right to apply a TCF depending on the results of the Blister sizes and eventually an too strong influence of battened sails, - for the time being this is not the plan, but it might be necessary later on.

In order to be sure, that everybody has received this message, please confirm the receipt!

Name and year of the boat

Selected By, and date/time

1. AMADI 2016

Arno Hemm

2. BEATRIX 2014


3. BIRDIE 2014


4. HILDR 2016

Hendrik Baur

5. JOINME 2016

Mike Theobald

6. MOA 2015


7. CHIMENDI 2016, battened main

Duncan Mac Phee

8. CONTI 2016, battened main

Werner Schmidt

9. CURRADI 2016

Dennis Nunn

10. MATOS 2016



My best regards,


Thank you All, 

So herewith the decision is made to sail from the 13.- 20. 5. 207 in Trogir !

Further details will follow! 

My best regards,


Dear fellow skippers,


After evaluating Elba and Napoli area in Italy, we finally came back to Croatia and selected Trogir as our next location.

This facilitates the participation in ESC and ECC, which is not only my personal interest but also the interest of some other boats like Arno’s and perhaps Dennis.

Please let me know, if anybody else is interested to sail both events!

ECC will start from Trogir as well but with different routes and locations.

We can either sail the week before or after ECC which would be 29.4  - 6.5.2017 or  13.5. – 20.5.2017.


Another even more important reason is the confirmation of 10 almost identical boats (10 X Cruiser Bavaria 46 (Build. 2014-17, Länge 14,27 m., 4 Kabinen, 3 Naßzellen)


In Italy at both locations we would have to cope with at least 3 different types/brands.


The almost all inclusive price (Gennaker, outborder, dingy, cleaning, deposit insurance, airport transfer) will be around 2400,- € for the boat and week as the earlier week will be a bit cheaper.

Advantage of the later week should be temperature and wind conditions ( at least per statistics J ).


So please give me feedback asap which week your boat would prefer!


Another important question for the route planning: “ would your crew be willing and ready to sail over night or at least into the dark?”

This would be for one leg only!

Please give me your feedback for this second question as well !


So, enjoy the summertime, perhaps some of you on the water, and I will get back to you as soon as I have collected the feedback!



My best regards,





Dear fellow ESC Skippers,


Back from ECC week in Turkey, which was also a wonderful week but by far not as personal as our ESC, and tackled outstanding administrative stuff I finally get back to you with my thanks to Hendrik and his crew for the fantastic organization as well as for the offer to provide me some organizational support for next year and to all of you skippers for the friendly competitive spirit, where Care for the other supersedes the target to win!


In order not to expose myself to a double dip organization, Mike, I took precaution and left 40 boats in between myself and the winner of ECC J !

Risk mitigation! The winner was François Abiven  , who was skipper of boat 67, normally skippered by Eric van Teylingen of Jacobs.

The commodores cup was won by Peter Bishop, third time in a row, really impressive!



For next year’s location we started already with the help of Arno and Fabian to inquire Levkas and some Italian locations, but it is to early yet to decide.


I do expect to come out with a first Bulletin by End of June and do hope that by that time we can decide already on the next years location.


On the way to head back from Germany to Abu Dhabi I send you my best regards,



Result Sheet 2016
ESC Result Sheet.pdf
PDF-Dokument [87.7 KB]

Impressionen Engineering Sailing Cup 2016 Corfu



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